syamigha rahim

That day until now ;''(
Ahad, 20 Mei 2012 | 8:28 PG | 0 comments

Dear online Diary's:: 
thankss sayangg for being apart of me,I love and always do in love with you,everytime I be with is everytime I breath with happiness never felt and insyallah will always feel like this :'/ I thought our relationship will never end until jannah but i'm totally wrong,our relationship was not to be.maybe me and you are not suitable at all.Thanks because you do sincerely accept me,Accept the weakness and the failures,I do love you with all the words that have in this world,Promise that we will make the world as our own ,and decorate it with our own love..but,in fact I was wrong,it does not happen at all,it is too late :(

 I believe that bad things happen in life to teach us how to look at good things in a whole new light.Until this date , 20 may 2012 .I live with your name , your heart and your presence.But now , its end and totally end.Your history now appear again in my life.And he will be the happiness that you really want.I will try harder and harder,Until I can forget what had happen between me and you.Its was the best way for us.For us to realised whether we still need for each other or not.If in front of him or my friends I look happy But deep inside or in my eyes I'm not okayy.

Last can I said is just THANK YOU to you a.k.a my prince charming♥ I'm happy if you're happy with yourself :)
"If you really do love him , let him go as far as he want .
If he really meant for you , he will come again ." ASSALAMUALAIKUM :(

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